During this season of 21 Days of Spiritual Pursuit it seems the Father is focusing on the development of a heart that’s wholly devoted to him. To have that complete devotion requires a ruthlessness when it comes to the things that bring us any sense of security or value apart from His presence. He deserves and desires preeminence in our heart. Our focus and complete attention or as the scriptures say “gaze” must be upon Him. We must set   Affections on things above that need to be displayed below (on earth). An Idol is any thing that takes the place of the “all consuming fiery one” Jesus, as the center of our heart. We can take a lesson from....


Jonah- though a bible believing prophet he has a problem idolatry. When given an assignment to preach judgement & grace to the nation of Nineveh he runs (most think he’s afraid of the pagans or of failure. Then he ends up in belly of a fish, comes to senses and repents about not responding in obedience to God’s mission. That brought deliverance from the fish belly but his repentance didn’t address his idol. Jonah chapter 4 reveals his motive was nothing but HATE born out of national & racial pride (idols) that caused him to want to see the pagans of Nineveh DEAD!

He loved his nation too much. So much to lead him to be angry with God the Father desiring to save them. Jonah simply wouldn’t have it. Heart was convinced it would be better for Israel, better for his security, and better for his economy if these people didn’t exist.

Wow, he can’t properly represent the Father’s Heart because of the Idols of his own heart....what about us?

But Jonah 2:8 says...

"Those who regard worthless idols

Forsake (forfeit) their own Mercy (grace).

-Pastor John Parks